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Publications relating to Scadbury Medieval Moated Manor, Chislehurst

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Scadbury Booklet

Scadbury Booklet

Scadbury Manor by Alan Hart and Stephen Archer.

A booklet containing a wealth of information about the history and archaeology of this interesting ruined moated manor, the former home of the Walsingham family.

16 pp., 5 illustrations. A5 Booklet. Revised 2016. Price £1 plus postage.




Excavations at Scadbury by Alan Hart. A series of reports on the long-term ODAS excavations of the moated site and its environs. All in full colour with illustrations and photographs.

Excavations at Scadbury Part 1

Part 1: Excavations near the Island Wall.
A trench alongside the massive island retaining wall revealed evidence on its dating and method of construction.
Contains finds reports.
28pp., 12 figures, 2 photographs, one in colour. A4 perfect. ISBN 0-9539385-0-6, published 2000. Price £3.00 plus postage.

Excavations at Scadbury Part 2

Part 2: Some Remains of Mediaeval Settlement. Extensive report on excavations on the moated island. Report on seeds by John Giorgi.
48pp illustrated, 20 figures, A4 perfect.
ISBN 0-9539385-6-5, published 2011. Price £3.00 plus postage.

Excavations at Scadbury Part 3
Part 3: The Estate Barn. Outside the north-western corner of the moat, excavation revealed the foundations of a large 16th century barn and enabled a virtual reconstruction. With finds reports.
20pp., 9 figures, 12 photographs, some in colour. A4 perfect. ISBN 0-9539385-7-3, published 2003. Price £2.50 plus postage.

Excavations at Scadbury Part 4

Part 4: A Tudor Gatehouse becomes a Modern Mansion. Excavation of the site, west of the moat, of the mansion of the Marsham-Townshend family, which was burnt in 1976 and demolished, showed that the building had a substantial Tudor origin. With finds reports.
24pp., 6 figures, 18 photographs, some in colour. A4 perfect. ISBN 0-9539385-9-X, published 2008. Price £2.50 plus postage.
Part 4 mentions the Early English Sundial which is featured by the BBC history website (see links page).

Excavations at Scadbury Part 5
Part 5: Remains of Buildings in the Farmyard. Excavation 100m west of the moat revealed foundations of buildings including Tudor privies and late Victorian pig sties. With finds reports.
20pp., 7 figures, 10 photographs, some in colour. A4 perfect. ISBN 0-9539385-8-1, published 2005. Price £2.50 plus postage.





Scadbury and the Walsinghams Dr Joan Thirsk
An article based on a talk given at a 1983 conference ‘Scadbury under the Walsinghams – a moated site and its history’ Reproduced from Archives, illustrated by Christina Clark
11 pp. Stapled A4, card covers. Price: £2.50 plus postage.

A History of the Reconstructed Medieval Building Formerly at Scadbury

Medieval Building


An account of medieval timbers originally from St Mary Cray and erected at Scadbury in the 1930s, now removed to the Weald and Downland Museum




11 pp. Stapled A4, card covers. Price: £2 plus postage.

Scadbury Aerial Photo Jigsaw. Cost £20 plus £3.10 postage.

Aerial photo jigsaw of Scadbury Moated Manor and Scadbury Park, as well as the jigsaw you also get a paper copy of the aerial photo.

255 pieces

Size 27cm x 37cm